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Circulators are dancing again!

Proof of vaccination is required to enter the dance.
Masks are optional, but recommended.
$5.00 donation
We hope you will join us!


The Circulators invite you to dance with us Friday evenings at the Recital Hall in San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park from 7:30 - 9:30 PM. We dance at the plus level, with rounds between tips. Steve Woodard is our caller, Richard Cartwright, and Bill Davenport are our cuers. Couples, singles, and children (with adult supervision) are welcome. The entrance donation is $5. 00 per person, unless it is a special dance with an out-town-caller. Children 13 and under are free.

Our party night is normally every 4th Friday. Take a look at our calendar and dress up to match the occasion. We have out-of-town callers every few months.

For the hearing impaired and those wearing hearing aids, Circulators is proud to have a sound enhancement system. With your own pocket FM radio receiver and earphones or ear buds, you can tune into the Circulators' frequency and receive the caller's voice directly. Distracting noises, reverberation, or distance from the sound source will not interfere with your ability to hear the caller or cuer.

What to wear? We prefer you wear square dance attire at our dances, but you are more than welcome to dance if you come in street clothes.

Calendar of Events

Bigger version of the calendar

! ! ! New Beginners' Class ! ! !

Our class for new dancers begins January 14 & 21, 2022 with students being accepted both evenings. Classes are Friday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00 pm in the Recital Hall. Your first night of dancing is free and the following classes are $5 donation per session. Children 10 - 16 are free with paid adult. We welcome both new dancers and folks who have danced in the past and would like to renew their skills.

See our flyer for more details.

Out-of-Town Caller Dances

The Circulators host special dances with nationally-known callers throughout the year. Once dancing begins again, we'll schedule the national callers.

Caller and Cuers

Steve Woodard

Steve Woodard has been calling for the club since 1981. He began square dance calling while serving in the Army in Germany. We consider him one of the best callers in the southern California area. He enjoys calling a challenging dance and we like him keeping us on our toes. He calls at many dances and festivals throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. Please contact Steve if you'd like to contract him for a dance. He can be reached via e-mail or 619-742-4570.

Richard & Judy Cartwright

Richard & Judy Cartwright: Richard square danced when he was in 5th and 6th grades and enjoyed it very much, so when the kids were old enough (1991), Richard and Judy decided to give it a try. The rest of the story is a natural progression from square dancing, to round dancing between square dance tips, to becoming more and more involved in round dancing. They can be reached via e-mail or 619-737-7522.

Bill & Beth Davenport

Bill & Beth Davenport: Bill started square dancing as a teenager. After Bill and Beth were married, they started square and round dance lessons in the Boston area (early 1980s). Over time they branched into ballroom lessons and competition. They stopped dancing in the early 1990s, but came back into round dancing in 2016, and square dancing in 2019. Bill started cueing in the summer of 2018, and since early 2019 Bill and Beth have been teaching intermediate (phase 4) dance classes. They have choreographed several dances. They can be reached via e-mail or 619-269-9724.

Club Officers

President: Kathleen Hoot
Vice Presidents: Bill Christian
Virginia Wofford
Secretary: Darlene Niezgoda 619-448-1426
Treasurer: Carol Windham 858-279-7693
Senior Representatives: Dennis Taylor
Patti Blakeslee



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Bullet 71st National Square Dance Convention in Evansville, IN (June 22 - 25, 2022)

Bullet 19th USAWest Square Dance Convention in San Diego, CA (August 17 - 20, 2022)

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